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Klebe QR-Sticker und generiere Passive Einnahmen!


VAT included.

design: SIM Sticker (Blue Sky)


Crowd: 25 Sticker


Hinweis: Wir weisen den QR-Code automatisch je nach Stickertyp den richtigen Produktseiten zu. Füge einfach deinen Standard-Partnerlink ein und wir kümmern uns um den Rest. Deinen Partnerlink findest du hier!
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The power of QR code stickers

Increase your sales and build your own Crypted Partner network!

Discover our unique QR code stickers and become part of a pioneering movement revolutionizing the world of online advertising and privacy! Our stickers are specifically designed to engage potential customers and partners in an innovative and effective way. They combine eye-catching designs with powerful headlines that entice people to scan the QR code and join your Crypted Partner network or purchase one of our products.

What options do I have with me?

As a Crypted Partner, you have the option of choosing from four different sticker types: SIM stickers, mobile phone stickers, network stickers and scanbait stickers. Each sticker type has its own objective and allows you to effectively promote different aspects of your business and increase your sales.

Note: Above the sticker selection, you can find a detailed explanation of the different sticker types.

Maximize your potential

Diversity as a strategy for success

By choosing different sticker types, you will reach a wider audience and increase your chances of success in the Crypted Partner program.

Each sticker type addresses different customer needs and attracts different audiences.

Through the By combining several sticker types, you increase your reach and maximize your chances of winning both product sales and new partners.

In this way, you can expand your network faster and effectively increase your passive income streams.


More sales

Through strategically placed stickers and multiple sticker types.

Choose different sticker types and start your own marketing strategy today!

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