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The dangers of AI: How artificial intelligence affects our lives

Introduction: Artificial intelligence (AI) has made enormous progress in recent years and it is impossible to imagine our lives without it. We use them in our smartphones, navigation systems, email...

Ist deine Privatsphäre gefährdet? Warum anonyme SIM-Karten für die Sicherung deiner persönlichen Kommunikation unerlässlich sind

Is your privacy at risk? Why anonymous SIM cards are essential for securing your personal communications

Experience the advantages of unregistered SIM cards for secure and private communication. Protect your identity and prevent unauthorized access to personal information. This blog post tells you eve...

[2023] Smartphone Spyware und wie es in der Praxis wirklich abläuft

[2023] Smartphone spyware and how it really works in practice

Smartphone spyware is a type of malware that is installed on a smartphone to spy on and monitor it. It is particularly dangerous as it often does not inform the user that it is installed on the dev...