The compelling story of a revolutionary company

Our story begins in 2018, when a group of tech enthusiasts and privacy activists were looking for a secure crypto phone for their personal use.

They were long-time loyal Apple users and had security concerns from Android devices. This search led them to a game-changing question: Why not use an iPhone as the basis for a secure cell phone?

The challenge was accepted and an intensive research and development project began, in which the group used their skills and their passion for technology and privacy. They experimented, tinkered and finally created the first prototypes based on the iPhone 6s.

The journey was riddled with setbacks and disappointments, but they were not discouraged. They knew they were on the right track and developing a product that the world desperately needed.

After three years of hard work, countless tests and numerous prototypes, the team was ready to introduce their innovation to the world. At the end of 2021, in cooperation with their advertising partners in German-speaking countries, they began to present their groundbreaking devices. The response was overwhelming - nobody had seen such a sophisticated and incredibly secure product before: a crypto phone based on an iPhone.

Our customers were free to choose which components to remove: microphones, GPS, cameras, Bluetooth and much more. The possibilities were limitless and the team realized they had started a revolution in the secure mobile device market.

Since then, Crypted has continuously expanded its offering to address all aspects of privacy and security. In addition to our surveillance-proof cell phones, we offer a highly secure CryptVPN, CryptSIMs and numerous other gadgets to protect every area of ​​your digital world.

Crypted has grown into a global market leader over the years and proudly stands by those who want to take a stand against modern surveillance and the misuse of their data. As pioneers and defenders of privacy, we're dedicated to one mission: making sure you stay safe in the digital age.

Let our history inspire you and join the Crypted family. We're ready to help you maintain your privacy and protect you from the risks of modern surveillance. Discover how our products and services can help you live a life of freedom and security.

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