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[NEU 2023] Smartphone Virus / Spyware erkennen und aktiv davor schützen

[NEW 2023] Detect smartphone virus / spyware and actively protect against it

Smartphone spyware is a serious threat to user privacy and security. It allows attackers to spy on and monitor the user's smartphone without the user's knowledge. In this blog article, we're going ...

Diese Chat Apps empfehlen wir für sichere Kommunikation

We recommend these chat apps for secure communication

In this article we will introduce you to our top 3 favorite messengers.In addition, we will explain a security gap in Telegram and how you can avoid it immediately.

[2022] Nur so verwendest du TouchID einigermaßen sicher!

[2022] This is the only way to use TouchID reasonably safely!

In this article, we show you a simple but very effective method of increasing the security of your TouchID many times over in just a few seconds.

Zusätzliche Passworteinstellungen auf dem iPhone für erhöhte Sicherheit

Additional password settings on iPhone for increased security

Welcome! Before making the following settings, make sure you have already created a password using our tutorial. Here is the link to it: ...

Nur so erstellst du 2022 ein sicheres/unknackbares Passwort.

This is the only way to create a secure/uncrackable password in 2022.

In this post you will learn how to set up a secure password for your mobile phone.