Das Smartphone für maximale Privatsphäre

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Model: iPhone 8


Storage: 64GB


Cryptona explained

What can the Crypted Black do?

Watch this short explainer video to learn exciting facts about the Crypted Black's incredible features.



They are monitored and evaluated annually in Germany.


of the persons concerned

Not aware of this happening.


cell phones

Opened daily by forensic tools such as Cellebrite or GrayKey around the world in order to gain access to sensitive and private data.

The world's first

truly monitoring secure smartphone.

Are you a doer who values ​​privacy and security? Then the Crypted Black is just right for you!

As the world's first iPhone-based cryptophone, it offers maximum security through decentralization and individual component and software modifications.

No central system, no weak points . Enjoy unrestricted communication without fear of surveillance or data leakage.

With the Crypted Black you make the smart choice to protect your business and private activities in the best possible way.

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Great job

"Very handy for your business!"


Best by far!

"Baba boys you are power, the safest and cheapest cell phone in the world!"


Insane Package!

"For the doers among you!"


Incredible project

"I celebrate CRYPTED because anonymity and privacy are core values ​​that are very important to me."


Why and what do I need a so-called crypto mobile phone for?

The answer is simple:

In a time of increasing surveillance, hacker attacks and government intrusions into your privacy, the Crypted Black is your armor in the digital space.

Leave do a short with/without comparison to show you the advantages:

WITH the Crypted Black:

  1. You benefit from maximum security and privacy, thanks to decentralization and individual component and software modifications.
  2. You communicate without restrictions and carefree, without fear of surveillance or data leaks.
  3. You have control over your data and protect your business and private activities in the best possible way.

WITHOUT the Crypted Black:

  1. You expose yourself and your data to potential security risks and attacks that can have serious consequences.
  2. You risk unwanted insights into your communications, both from government and criminal acts yours.
  3. You lose control of your data, leaving yourself vulnerable to identity theft, corporate espionage, and legal troubles.

Cryptona explained

The difference to other cryptophones and failed projects from the past.

In this short explanatory video we show you the Crypted Black in direct comparison to other cryptophones and explain the crucial point in which the Crypted Black differs from projects from the past.

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performance and security.

For people who no longer leave their fate to chance.

Make yourself invincible against modern surveillance methods!

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