We recommend these chat apps for secure communication

Diese Chat Apps empfehlen wir für sichere Kommunikation

Welcome back!

In this post we would like to recommend a few chat apps.

But first some information why you should use such chat services:

Normal SMS, Snapchat and Instagram Direct messages are not encrypted by default.

This means that anyone could theoretically intercept and read these messages.

Therefore, you should only use chat applications that end-to-end encrypt their messages by default. Means: Only you as the sender and the recipient can read it.

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Telegram myth & how to communicate safely there:

Many assume that Telegram messages, for example, are encrypted. That's wrong. Telegram does not encrypt messages by default. To do this, you have to click on the profile of the relevant chat partner, click on the three dots at the top and then on: "Start secure chat". Then a new chat window will appear with a green lock next to the name and all messages in that chat will be automatically end-to-end encrypted.

Advantages of Telegram:

- The service comes from Russia and is therefore based on a different legal situation.

- From experience, Telegram only cooperates in ter*or cases.

Cons of Telegram:

- You cannot use the service completely anonymously.

- Telegram logs certain data and you need a mobile number to register.

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Threema is a Swiss company. The app costs you around €5 once and you can use it completely without registering. All messages are end-to-end encrypted from scratch and Threema can be used completely anonymously.

Benefits of Threema:

- Standard end-to-end encryption

- High security efficient settings available

- Based in Switzerland

- No data required for registration

Disadvantages of Threema:

- Not open source

- Costs €5 (Definitely worth it in our opinion)

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Session is a decentralized chat app that, like Threema, allows you to register, use and communicate anonymously.

Benefits of Session:

- Anonymous Use

- Free

- Open Source

- Decentralized Network

Disadvantages of session:

- No disadvantages known so far

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In general, find out about the chat provider you use in advance and only use trustworthy chat applications.

Always make sure that your application uses end-to-end encryption and that you can use it as anonymously as possible.

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Best regards & Stay Safe

Your CRYPTED team.

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