[2022] This is the only way to use TouchID reasonably safely!

[2022] Nur so verwendest du TouchID einigermaßen sicher!

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We normally advise against using biometric password decryption.

These include: TouchID & FaceID.

However, there is a method to use TouchID relatively safely.

But how does that work?

Step 1:

Go to your settings under: TouchID & Passcode

Step 2:

Select: "Create fingerprint".

Step 3:

Put the outer side of your little finger / ring finger / middle finger and use it to register your fingerprint.

Never use your thumb or forefinger as these two fingers are the ones used the most. In general, the following applies: Use fingers and positions that nobody expects and which are very difficult to reproduce.


Best regards & Stay Safe

Your CRYPTED team.

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