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Our innovative products offer effective solutions against unauthorized eavesdropping, espionage and data misuse.

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In the constantly growing digital environment, in addition to advanced functions, security gaps and challenges are also increasing.

As experts in this field, we have made it our task to offer you support in the following areas:


anonymity and privacy

Discover military- and government-level security built into an incredibly fast iPhone.

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It all started with one


In 2018, we were unsuccessfully searching for a trustworthy cryptophone for our own private use.

As long-time Apple users, we were very skeptical about Android's security. So we asked ourselves: Why not use an iPhone as the basis for a secure cell phone?

We experimented and tinkered and finally created the first prototypes with the iPhone 6s as the basis.

The big boom after


In 2021 we look back on three intense years of testing and producing numerous Crypted prototypes. We knew that we were ready for the market and that our product was perfect.

At the end of 2021 we started to present the first devices with our advertising partners in German-speaking countries. The response was overwhelming, because nobody had seen such a sophisticated and incredibly secure product before - a cryptophone based on an iPhone.

Our customers were free to choose which components to remove: microphones, GPS, cameras , Bluetooth and much more.

The possibilities were endless and we knew we had started a revolution in the secure mobile market.

How about


We at CRYPTED have worked hard over the past few years to further develop our technology and meet the highest security standards.

We know that your security is of the utmost importance in the digital age.
That's why At CRYPTED we not only offer surveillance-proof cell phones, but also our highly secure CryptVPN, CryptSIMs and numerous other gadgets to fully protect all areas of your privacy.

As the global market leader, we proudly stand by your side and fight together against it modern surveillance and misuse of your data.